The korp was created to share pictures and reflexions about urbanity, time and finally everything that is interesting to think about human connections. I know that a lot of articles are in french – writting is a great and long task. Also i know that my articles are not completely readable by internet translators and i don’t forget that a translation is already a lying.

In my titles, i’m always trying to make understand what i wanted to tell in my picture (for example).

My works are not only for french, for France. When i’m taking a picture i’m speaking an untranslatable language. That is the definition of the KORP.

The last time, i wrote articles in french, talking about urbanity of the power and potentiality of already existing heritages. Like in each city or each countryside, an old track – but able to be rehabilited.

I know languages are doors, often closed between borders – it is for this reason i used photography or drawings to speak to the world – and i know that you are watching the Korp, certainly because in your mind you have a part of me, or I have a part of you.

Continue to go on the website to support me, to criticize – don’t hesitate to share with me the part of your Korp in your city ( i’m thinking about abandoned railways in each country or city, factories or whatever… )

The Korp is here to ask to the « voiceless ».

Follow the news from the website with the click « like » on the facebook page here > BBKORP – for copyright reasons the facebook page will be here to keep you informed from news of But this page will keep all its albums and pictures that you can show undefinitely. The website is now the new support for all files and reflexions.To concude a Twitter account exists. Thanks


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